Addressing the Workforce Shortage

    By ICPI Director of Education and Workforce Development Merry Beth Hall

    ICPI recently released the 2019 ICPI Contractor Industry Report. According to results found by Industry Insights of Columbus, Ohio, four of every five contractors reported difficulty in recruiting and hiring quality employees. Survey respondents included 206 segmental concrete pavement installation contractors, comprised of ICPI members and non-members.

    Companies are now needing to place recruiting efforts towards Millennials and Generation Z. With this shift in target audiences also comes a need for modified communications and marketing efforts. Gen Z grew up in a digital world and is up-to-date on new innovations and technology with short attention spans. The generation is efficient and desires opportunities for career advancement and has a passion for helping the environment, which is crucial in the hardscape industry.

    To address the industry’s workforce deficiency, ICPI has joined forces with the National Association of Landscape Professionals through NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative. With the alliance, NALP will promote hardscape careers and the Institute will have a presence on NALP’s website,, that solely focuses on workforce development and information to appeal to Millennials and Generation Z. Additionally, ICPI’s content will be posted on NALP’s @WhyILandscape social media platforms.

    One of ICPI’s goals through the new Strategic Plan is to ‘empower the industry to attract, train and retain a highly qualified workforce to meet market demand.’ Through efforts with NALP and the Industry Growth Initiative, the Institute will showcase the ample opportunities available in the hardscape and landscape fields and work diligently to recruit young talent to replace retiring workers.