Creating Elegance at Every Scale

The 11th annual 2018 Hardscape North America Project Awards received 155 submissions, exceeding last year’s count of 146. From as small as 746 sf up to 180,000 sf, the submissions improve each year from higher injections of creativity. Winners were recognized in 18 categories nominated by projects size and application. Materials include concrete pavers, clay brick, natural stone, porcelain, segmental concrete retaining walls, and combinations of these products. Due to space limitations and this magazine’s editorial emphasis, only the winners and honorable mentions are featured in the concrete paver categories. All of the winners can be viewed on

To help the judges evaluate submissions, entrants submit six photos with each demonstrating the following:

  • Innovative design using colors, shapes, textures, and patterns
  • Quality of construction and craftsmanship
  • Compatibility with related construction materials and systems
  • Construction innovation
  • Overall excellence

The sixth photo can highlight any aspect of the project.

Entries require excellent photography that communicates the designer’s intent. Successful photographic representations enhance the reader’s perception, and especially the contest judges’ perceptions. When combined with superb, uncluttered design, such photography makes it easy for readers to vicariously enter and enjoy each. We hope you go there to witness the possibilities and enrich your imagination.

The contest is produced by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and awards are endorsed by the National Concrete Masonry Association and the Brick Industry Association. The HNA Awards program is sponsored by ICPI members Belgard and Keystone Hardscapes.

Concrete Pavers—Commercial Less than 15,000 SF

16th Street Connector Park and Pump Station

16th Street Connector Park and Pump Station
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Contractor: Paver Designs LLC, Omaha, Nebraska
Manufacturers: Techniseal & Eagle Bay Hardscapes (ICPI members)
The Beach is That-a-way: Located on the Atlantic Ocean, this rehab project used sealer on existing and new concrete pavers to enliven a utility space and park between buildings. The result resurrects colors and visually ties the space into the Virginia Beach-owned, beachfront paver promenade.

The Sevens—Camden Apartments

Honorable Mention: The Sevens—Camden Apartments
Location: Orlando, Florida
Contractor: UCC Group, Inc., Orlando, Florida
Manufacturer: Belgard (ICPI member)
Designer: David Hoppes, Dix-Hite + Partners
Walking the Planks: Multiple shapes and colors delight the view into this apartment entry using units from the Oldcastle Moduline Series.


Concrete Pavers—Commercial More than 15,000 SF

Southlands Mall

Southlands Mall
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Contractor: Continental Hardscape Systems LLC, Thornton, Colorado (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes (ICPI member)
Designer: Chris Sutterfield, Studio Insite
Sense of Direction: Some 180,000 sf of concrete pavers refresh and revitalize the Southlands outdoor mall, a premier shopping area. Deicer-resistant units with a surface sealer for extra protection helped insure long-term performance. The compass and fountain provide a “jumping” water feature for children to enjoy.

Levy Park

Honorable Mention/: Levy Park
Location: Houston, Texas
Contractor: B&D Contractors Inc., Houston, Texas (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes (ICPI member)
Designer: OJB Landscape Architects
Circle-up Here: Levy Park received a revitalization including 8,000 sf of concrete pavers that re-engaged the local community. The variegated and whimsical patterns convey a sense of spirited movement and fun. The transformation occurred with help from native landscaping, interactive water features, a dog park, garden, park pavilion, and children’s play area. A local resident’s endorsement: “This is hands down the most gorgeous and well-designed park I’ve ever seen. I fell in love the second I stepped foot into it.”

Concrete Pavers—Residential Less than 3,000 SF

Old Town Oasis

Old Town Oasis
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Contractor: Lindgren Landscape, Fort Collins, Colorado (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Belgard (ICPI member)
Designer: Tim Lindgren, Lindgren Landscape
Drinking Fire Water: ICPI-certified personnel installed concrete pavers that complements the stonework. They also installed customized concrete slabs for the water feature and subsurface utilities. Precisely cut pavers joined each boulder and hardscape feature. Moreover, installation in this tight space included drainage appurtenances to remove runoff from the 100-year storm.

Aviator Court

Honorable Mention: Aviator Court
Location: De Pere, Wisconsin
Contractor: The Sharper Edge Landscaping,
De Pere, Wisconsin (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation (ICPI member)
Designer: Paul Bowker
Attached Living: This patio maximized available space to offer everything the homeowners desired in a raised outdoor living area—
a place to relax, cook, enjoy a fire and unwind in a hot tub. The seat walls, fireplace and stairs use custom-cut bullnose pavers.

Concrete Pavers—Residential More than 3,000 SF

Tumbled Venetian—Truckee

Tumbled Venetian—Truckee
Location: El Dorado Hills, California
Contractor: LR Landscaping, Auburn, California (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes (ICPI member)
Designer: Tanna Johns
Smooth Operator: The steep natural grade of this site in the Sierra Nevada foothills was mitigated through a significant backfill and a retaining wall. This delivered a subtle slope from the street to a flat grade driveway and a seamless paver transition from the entry gate to the inner courtyard.

Atkinson Barn

Honorable Mention: Atkinson Barn
Location: Dry Fork, Virginia
Contractor: Heath Landscaping, Chatham, Virginia (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Eagle Bay Hardscapes (ICPI member)
Barns and Noble: The client wanted all materials to flow well, so rather than using sand to joints between the pavers and the natural stone, each paver was ground perfectly to fit next to the stone. The effect created a seamless transition between the stones and concrete units.

Driveway, Entryway, and Airplane Pool Deck

Honorable Mention: Driveway, Entryway, and Airplane Pool Deck
Location: San Dimas, California
Contractor: Go Pavers, Studio City, California (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Orco Block & Hardscape (ICPI member)
Designer: Aaron Barnes
Smooth Landing: This retired pilot’s home received an ICPI certified installer using precise cutting of every edge stone, ensuring they assemble perfectly. The job included red, green, and white lights in the pavement, reminiscent of airplane lights to create the final touch. The 3,700 sf project airplane propellers replicated on each circle on the front entryway.

Concrete Pavers—Permeable Commercial/Residential

Community First

Community First
Location: Neenah, Wisconsin
Contractor: Aqua-Paving, Yorkville, Illinois (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: County Materials Corporation (ICPI member)
Designer: Ryan Bakke
Credit Where Credit’s Due: A machine-installed, 31,000 sf parking lot for this credit union follows the curvature of the pond and outside perimeter of the building with each edge paver cut to fit. Mechanical installation allowed the parking lot to be completed in one week, which included a day and a half of grading and setting base aggregates. If manually installed, paving might have taken about two months. The credit union wanted to communicate sustainability as a priority to its members.

Greeney Residence

Honorable Mention: Greeney Residence
Location: Portland, Oregon
Contractor: Sequoia Stonescapes, Independence, Oregon (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Keystone Hardscapes (ICPI member)
Designer: Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping
Upgrading Below Grade Pavement: This home rests at the lower end of a 200 ft long drive, 16 ft lower than the street entrance. Impervious, cast-in-place concrete was replaced with PICP to manage 80,700 gallons of rainwater the pavement receives annually. The PICP upgrade eliminated concerns over flooding in the home and garage. The 3,500 sf of pavement includes a courtyard and vehicle turnaround, all of which raised the property value.


Fourteen Years and Going Strong

Fourteen Years and Going Strong
Location: Salinas, California
Contractor: Stowe Contracting, Inc. (ICPI member)
Manufacturer: Calstone (ICPI member) & Pacific Interlock
Designer: Walt Combs
Paths to Flower: This year’s contest offered a new entry category called Vintage Installation meaning any project category could be submitted with construction prior to 2008. Built in 2004, this 724 sf patio was installed by one of the owners of an ICPI-member paver installation company. Multiple birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations occurred with virtually no pavement degradation. Now, if the patio furniture could last as long as the pavement…