H-2B Program Webinar Scheduled for July 11


Having a hard time finding temporary help? Taking the first step to employing legal temporary labor can be tough, especially in the hardscaping business. Don’t let that prevent you from getting the reliable workforce you so desperately need. This seminar focuses on the current H-2B environment including how to manage your company’s H-2B efforts, what’s happening in D.C., how to ensure your company is compliant with federal regulations, and how the program can become part of the solution to your labor demands. This webinar will also discuss misconceptions associated with H-2B program and will offer solutions and expertise on how to utilize this program to its full potential.

The Federation of Employers and Workers of America (FEWA) along with the H-2B Workforce Coalition continues to work with Congress and the agencies to keep improving the H-2B filing process and expand the 66,000-cap limitation each year.

Join ICPI and Arnulfo Hinojosa, Vice President of the Federation of Employers and Workers of America on July 11, at 1 pm EST for the live webinar.