ICPI Announces New Strategic Plan


A nine-month process involving a diverse group of producer, contractor and associate members culminated in the ICPI Board of Directors approving the new ICPI Strategic Plan for 2019-2022.

ICPI is a strategic, member-driven organization. That’s why 98% of members participating in our Annual Member Needs Assessment said that ICPI continues to achieve its mission of delivering education and technical guidance leading to awareness, acceptance and use of segmental concrete pavement systems in the U.S. and Canada.

The Strategic Plan provides a foundation for our success because the Board, our committees and staff focus our efforts on achieving the outcomes in the plan.  It serves as the guiding document for program priorities, for allocation of ICPI member and staff time, as well as for financial resources.

Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

Increase understanding, awareness and adoption of segmental concrete pavement as the preferred pavement system.

  • Increase understanding among organizations that design, teach and use pavement systems
  • Establish credibility to demonstrate performance and value of ownership
  • Gain adoption within transportation agencies and municipalities

Deliver education and industry best practices as the recognized authority on segmental concrete pavement systems.

  • Increase confidence and/or use by promoting lower maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Increase awareness of ICPI and its resources among educational institutions
  • Promote the value of industry certification

Grow ICPI membership through increased awareness of benefits, participation in programs and perceived membership values.

  • Develop membership recruitment & retention programs
  • Enhance the communication of value provided by ICPI
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of ICPI programs to maximize member engagement and perceived value
  • Increase non-dues revenue sources

Empower the industry to attract, train and retain a highly qualified workforce to meet market demand.

  • Create program and resources to attract new recruits into the industry
  • Enhance and continue to develop education tracks for all users
  • Develop strategic alliances with national organizations
  • Promote industry career path

Desired Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of ICPI, its education programs and technical resources
  • Greater recognition that segmental concrete pavement systems are a sustainable and highly credible pavement
  • Greater adoption of segmental concrete pavement systems among municipalities and the design community
  • An effective and financially viable ICPI
  • An expanded, highly qualified workforce with defined career path

To download a copy of the Strategic Plan Map, click here.