ICPI Presents Civil Engineering Curriculum to University Professors


On July 22-26, the ICPI and 22 other concrete related associations sponsored the annual concrete industry Professors’ Workshop. Twenty-one professors from schools across the United States attended the four and a half days of sessions at the ACI offices in in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

On July 26, ICPI Director of Engineering Robert Bowers, P. Eng. presented a session on the technical details for both interlocking concrete pavement and permeable interlocking concrete pavement to 14 professors.

ICPI has reached out to all the attendees and offered access to several relevant programs.

  1. Civil Engineering Modules – a series of 9 modules is available at no cost to schools interested in including content on interlocking concrete pavement in their programs. The packet contains an Instructor’s Guide, all 9 ICPI Civil Engineering Modules, links to all Tech-Specs, and a copy of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements – Design, Specifications, Construction, Maintenance – Fifth Edition.
  2. Permeable Design Pro software – comprehensive Windows based software that will analyze the structural and hydrologic function of a permeable interlocking concrete pavement. A promotion code is available that will allow you to receive a free copy of the application.
  3. Interlock Design – the quarterly publication of the ICPI providing information on the latest trends and design guidance in the segmental pavement industry. Contact ICPI to receive your free subscription. Past articles can also be viewed online.
  4. ICPI Foundation for Education and Research – The Foundation meets semi-annually to award grants to researchers investigating segmental pavement systems which will lead to their greater understanding and use. Links to the Foundation’s web page and the proposal submission guidelines was provided.
  5. Concrete Paver Installer Course and Certification – ICPI is licensing schools to teach the Concrete Paver Installer program to their registered students at no cost. Instructors must attend a special Academic Instructor training before they are provided all the materials to teach the class. Students completing this program only need to submit their experience record to earn their ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installer credentials.
  6. Stipend for Professors’ Workshop – In the past ICPI has provided two stipends each of $1,500 USD to help cover the cost for an instructor to attend the Professors’ Workshop. Potential recipients must 1) Teach at a university or college, 2) Teach a course in pavement design, construction or maintenance 3) Attend the session on Interlocking Concrete Pavement on Friday morning and 4) Have not received the ICPI Stipend in previous years.
ICPI Director of Engineering Robert Bowers, P. Eng. presenting at the 2019
Professors Workshop