ICPI Recognizes Richard Morin with Honorary Membership

At the 2019 Canadian Activities Meeting, the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute recognized Richard Morin, ing, M, Sc. A. for his efforts to support the use of segmental pavements in the City of Montreal by presenting him with an Honorary Membership in the association. Mr. Morin, who is a Technical Advisor for the City of Montreal’s Infrastructure, Roads and Transport Department, Infrastructure Directorate, Division of Expertise and Technical Support, will be retiring from that role in January 2020.

Lincoln Paiva, ing., Director – Technical Services, Techo-Bloc briefly introduced Mr. Morin and thanked him for his efforts to help institutionalize segmental pavement systems in the City of Montreal and Canada. Mr. Morin was presented a plaque by ICPI Board Chair Kendall Anderegg and Yvan Bolduc, Bolduc Concrete Products and Charles Ciccarello, Techo-Bloc, who had both submitted letters of support to the ICPI Board of Directors.

At the Canadian Activities Meeting, Mr. Morin presented on the challenges the City has faced related to the use of segmental pavements. He shared project photos installed by the City that had performed poorly and discussed when the City of Montreal was considering banning pavers in the 1990’s due to poor performance of installations completed in the 1980’s. During that time, Mr. Morin researched best installation practices and looked for sound material specifications and designs instead of rejecting the use of pavers in the City. Thanks to Mr. Morin’s research and dedication, the City of Montreal support the use of segmental concrete pavement systems to this day. Additionally, he shared details of the City’s requirements for the use of segmental pavements that he helped developed. Many of these requirements are currently mirrored in ICPI’s best practices.

Mr. Morin was also an active participant in the CSA A231 Technical Committee, responsible for the creation and updating of the National Standard for Concrete Slabs and Pavers, which is now in its third edition. Mr. Morin concluded his presentation with a series of project images around the City of Montreal that are performing well.

Richard, thank you for your sharing your knowledge, your courage, and your dedication with the industry!