ICPI Supports ASCE Conference and PICP Cleaning Demo

Pave Tech’s Typhoon blows sediment and soiled aggregate out of PICP joints.

On August 7, 2019, ICPI technical staff presented to 40 attendees on “Best Maintenance Practices for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement” at the recent ASCE Stormwater Operations & Maintenance Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The presentation emphasized the need for routine surface cleaning but noted that many permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICP) were not maintained, which results in far less infiltration. Some recent, effective cleaning techniques were introduced and the audience was encouraged to witness the performance of one them, Pave Tech’s Typhoon, at a demonstration later that afternoon at a nearby PICP parking lot next to University of Minnesota student housing.

Another machine vacuums the loose, dirty materials off the surface with help from a vac truck.

The demo was attended by about 25 people including stormwater managers from the across the country as well as industry representatives. The demo included measuring the almost zero infiltration rate of an unmaintained, 10-year old PICP parking lot using an ASTM standard test method. Pave Tech crews then demonstrated a high-pressure air unit that blows out sediment and soiled aggregate from the PICP joints. Another machine was then used to vacuum away the debris brought to the surface. The concrete paver surfaces were cleaned in the process, the joints refilled with clean permeable aggregate, and then compacted. Surface infiltration was measured again and restored to 182 inches per hour. The demonstration was viewed as key in convincing stormwater managers that the infiltration rates can be restored in older, unmaintained PICP installations.

After clean, permeable jointing stone is swept into the joints, the pavers are swept clean and compacted.