ICPI’s Cue Career Webpage Gains Traction

Have you seen ICPI’s Cue Career webpage? ICPI is working to increase awareness about the segmental concrete pavement industry and its wide variety of career opportunities. Its presence on Cue Career provides an opportunity for young teens to see what our industry has to offer and view some video interviews with industry professionals. Students can find links to training and career opportunities on the page.

Here are some stats on ICPI’s page since its launch in January:

  • 28,513 pageviews
  • 24,166 unique visitors
  • 25,046 views of 3 videos

View a short clip of an interview with ICPI Workforce Development Advisory Committee Chair Fred Adams on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu4DJCdlzvU/ (9,726 views) or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Cue_Career/status/1105516949453168640 (660 views, 8,451 impressions, 55 likes, and 51 retweets).

Cue Career’s mission is to provide students with an easy and effective way to access information about careers and professional development opportunities. Their goal is to help close the skills gap and better prepare students for the workforce by providing them with a free platform.