Launch Your Next Hiring Season with an ICPI Boot Camp

The 2020 hiring season is right around the corner! An ICPI Boot Camp is the best way to help you find and quickly train brand new installers. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose your date(s) and location. You can choose from a condensed one-day program or a more in-depth two-day program. The location should have facilities that have space for classroom instruction and an area where a hands-on lab installing a small patio can be done.
  2. Complete a sponsorship agreement and send it to ICPI at least four weeks prior to the Boot Camp event. Be sure to purchase Student Manuals (both English and Spanish available) from ICPI and hire an instructor who is on the list from ICPI.
  3. Promote the course! Give a promotional flyer to your local high schools, career and technical schools, and community colleges. Call the instructors at those schools and invite them as well as their students. Share the information with your customer base. Ask your employees for referrals. Advertise the event with local career centers for job seekers. Share the information anywhere you might find good candidates for hardscape installers!
  4. Form a partnership with local producers, dealers, and contractors for course success. Synergy is key for a successful Boot Camp. Some companies can provide lab materials, while others provide installation tools and equipment, while others promote the course in the area and attend the event to hire good candidates.

More information is available at including a video on Sponsoring an ICPI Boot Camp. For additional information, contact