Life-cycle Cost Analysis Webinar Available on PICP

With the dual role of stormwater management and pavement, economic justification for using PICP can be challenging. This one-hour presentation demonstrates how on- and off-site benefits can be included in a life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) that provides justification compared to using conventional stormwater management practices and impervious pavements.

The webinar introduces ICPI’s PICP LCCA Excel tool with an example life cycle cost analysis. (The tool is available upon request to ICPI members and design professionals.) The most effective economic comparisons emerge from developable land made available from reduction or elimination of detention ponds. Another area where PICP yields significant economic benefits is reduction of flows (due to infiltration) to waste treatment plants that process combined sanitary and stormwater sewage. Other offsite benefits are discussed and shown how they fit into and are analyzed by the Excel tool. The presentation concluded with a list of opportunities to deliver the presentation and/or tool. The presenters are David K. Hein, P. Eng. Vice President and Principal Engineer with Applied Research Associates, Inc. and David R. Smith, Technical Director with the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

ICPI voting members can access the webinar for $30, Affiliate members pay $35, and Informational members $40. Non-members can view the webinar for $50.

Here is how to access this resource: