Need Guidance on Design, Construction and Maintenance of Segmental Concrete Pavements?

    By ICPI Manager of Technical Development and Market Promotion Bryan Horr

    ICPI is a world leader in development and dissemination of technical and design information in the U.S. and Canada.

    Technical resource requests are received daily, with the two most requested resources being Tech Specs and Detail Drawings.

    Tech Specs and Detail Drawings are great resources for design professionals, contractors, government officials and owners. Tech Specs provide up-to-date information on materials, methods and best practices for segmental concrete paving systems, while Detail Drawings provide sections or plans of a specific construction assembly for interlocking concrete pavements, permeable interlocking concrete pavements, concrete grid pavements and precast concrete paving slabs. ICPI has over 90 Detail Drawings and 24 Tech Specs available for free. Each Tech Spec and Detail Drawing focuses on specific topics that makes the information more user friendly.

    Now, those may be the most requested technical resources, but they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technical resources available at ICPI. There are Guide Specifications that can be modified according to project conditions, over 70 Project Profiles to get design ideas, Software Programs to help you design, analyze or calculate, Presentations for Lunch-&-Learns, Tolerance Guides and Inspection Checklists just to name a few.

    One of my favorite under-utilized resources is ICPI’s Technical Library. The Library has over 1,500 Technical Papers available to Members of ICPI. The library contains research on design, construction, maintenance/management, development, and validations on design, construction or maintenance procedures, methods or systems. It also contains research on successful and unsuccessful segmental projects with explanations and existing research on a specific topic with observations/conclusions, sometimes identifying further research needs. You can go to the ICPI website for the database of titles.

    All these resources and more are available on the ICPI website,, and if you still have an issue, ICPI technical staff is available to answer your questions about segmental concrete paving systems.