Take Advantage of Workforce Development-Related Webinars Designed to Help Find and Retain Workers

Thanks to ICPI’s partnership with NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative (IGI), you can take advantage of workforce development-related webinars designed to help you find and retain the workers you need. The next webinar is “Creating a Landscape Career Recruiting Event: Step-by-Step!” on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 from 1:00-2:00 pm EST.

This webinar, presented by John Nabors, Executive Director of the Alabama Green Industry Training Center, will show you the steps to put together your own local recruiting event. The Green Industry is just one of many industries competing to hire individuals from the limited pool of available workers, and we must work diligently to put our industry in front of perspective workers of all ages. Expand your horizons when thinking about the possibilities of recruiting for future employees!

This webinar will look at some options to consider for building partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and career day venues. In addition, it will cover our local partnership system to give ideas for you to leverage the resources (and help) from your local Green Industry members, extension service, state industry associations, and NALP.

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